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For over 20 years,

Capture Technologies has been pushing the event industry forward with our innovative event technology solutions. Our immensely talented team has a wealth of experience that has helped shape the way event data is tracked and analyzed. Capture Technologies’ industry leading event software provides all the necessary tools to ensure your next event is a seamless experience for all attendees.

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We are dedicated to providing the smoothest onsite event experience possible, which is why we are integrated with all major registration systems as well as many in-house systems. Looking to integrate with your system? Let us know and we can create a solution for you.


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Capture Technologies selects business partners that help further the integration of onsite operations to create a more cohesive, uninterrupted event experience. We are constantly evaluating new partners to add to our wide breadth of services to help create a better onsite solution.

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The history of Capture Technologies

Over the years, Capture Technologies has continued to introduce cutting edge technology to serve our client’s needs.

Scroll through our timeline to learn more about Capture throughout the years.

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Universally compatible Lead Retrieval Application built to align the objectives of Sales and Marketing at any tradeshow or event.


Leadware Browser Edition

Internet-based platform enabling the full capabilities of Leadware without the need of a disk.


Leadware Pocket Edition

Mobile Lead Retrieval unit purposed as an extension of Leadware, providing exhibitors the ability to collect leads in any environment.


Leadware Toolkit

Capture’s first expansion beyond Lead Retrieval, evolving into a full-service onsite technology provider offering Badge Printing and Session Scanning.


Leadware Session Monitor

Long-range attendance tracking utilizing RFID technology, allowing event planners and clients to passively collect attendance information without disrupting the flow of traffic.


Leadware Mobile

Lead Retrieval Mobile Application that could be downloaded on the exhibitor’s mobile phone or tablet.


Leadware Session Kiosk

Floor-standing unit that could be positioned near the entrance of a session room, offering attendance tracking, access control, and inventory monitoring with the tap of a badge.


Capture Journey

Capture retired the branding of Leadware in favor of Capture Journey, a marketing realignment to better indicate our focus on capturing the entire attendee journey through the life-cycle of an event. This revolution was headlined by the release of Capture Journey, a lightweight mobile application that enabled the ability to print badges and scan sessions using a phone or tablet.


Capture Meetings

Onsite tool made to completely manage and facilitate onsite 1x1 meetings. Attendees could walk-up to a kiosk, scan their badge, and be directed to the location of their meeting while the software kept the event organizers informed of attendance and overbookings.


RFID Floor-Mats

Capture began deploying unobtrusive RFID floor-mats, passively tracking session room attendance without the need of trussing or build-outs to secure mounted RFID equipment.



Capture created a full-service facial recognition solution capable of checking-in attendees as they approached the registration desk and tracking their attendance without the need of a badge scan or read.


Capture Experience

Built on the same platform that operates CaptureID, the facial recognition capability expanded into Sentiment and Engagement Analysis, providing event planners with revolutionary insights on the behavioral patterns and evidence-based performance measurements of their sessions and content.


Journey Insights

Real-time and post-show data dashboard that comes standard with every event deployment, enabling clients the ability to see event data under from a new perspective.


Virtual Journey

In response to the pandemic, Capture published a virtual platform focused on providing a digital experience that was easy for attendees to use and cost-efficient for event organizers.


Capture 1x1 Meeting Management

Optimized for the 1x1 meetings typically held at Investor Conferences, Capture published a full-service 1x1 Meeting Management tool that allows attendees (or administrators) to schedule and attend 1x1 meetings, whether in-person at the event, virtual, or hybrid.


The Hybrid Event

Leveraging all of the capabilities and features Capture has provided in the past, the virtual and in-person settings have been united, providing attendees and event planners a full-service event technology solution that is agnostic to the environment.

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