Custom Flight Tracker Technology Helps Registration Staff Prepare for Check-Ins

Hosting an event in Chicago with over 20,000 company employees attending from around the world, Capture Technologies provided a custom ‘flight-tracker’ by integrating registration information, check-in statistics, and attendee flight information with real-time flight statuses to estimate the upcoming check-in arrival numbers as attendees arrived. With some attendees travelling over 20 hours to attend this event, the client wanted to ensure the registration staff was prepared for their arrival in order to give them a concierge-level service as they arrived at the event. If attendees flights were delayed beyond the check-in desk hours, their badges were printed and dropped off in their hotel room overnight to alleviate them from rushing to the registration desk early in the morning.

While the original intentions mentioned were a great success, the true flexibility and capabilities of this flight tracker became sought-after when some major snow storms impacted the departure of these attendees. Watching the flight-tracker in real-time, the client was able to proactively reserve rooms for attendees that were experiencing travel issues requiring their stay for an extended time.

Featured on the big screen of this top-3 Fortune 500’s war room throughout the event, Capture’s Flight Tracker was a major contributing factor to the event experience this client was looking to provide.