Event App Digital Surveys Leads to Increased Feedback

A Financial Holdings Company hosted an annual conference each year with sessions available to allow their Financial Planners to keep up with their accreditations. As this content was required to maintain their status, it led to a general lack of engagement throughout the event. In order to combat this, the client initially started sending post-show emails with surveys to gain feedback, but found the information they received irrelevant and mostly incomplete.

On the next event, the client worked with Capture to embed the surveys within the attendees mobile app and deployed session kiosks outside of the session rooms in the hallways. With this updated process, they received a significant increase in feedback, allowing them to improve the session content and event layout. Whether they made changes in real-time, like adjusting the thermostat in a specific room that was constantly noted as being too cold, or working with their speakers to allow time for Q&A, the client enabled their ability to improve through Capture’s survey capabilities.