Marketo Integration with Attendance Scanning Helps Optimize Attendee Engagement & Participation

THE SITUATION: A major technology company hosts a large event every year, attracting more than 5,000 attendees to their user conference. As the conference grew, the client wanted to provide a personalized experience for attendees while continuing to grow visitors and leads. The client’s event team relied on time-consuming manual processes and spreadsheets to track attendee journeys from the conference. The manual process was time consuming and made it difficult for sales to follow up and track progress. The client called on Capture Technologies to deliver a solution that not only provided a more personalized attendee experience, but improved on-site information flow to improve follow up and communication during the event. The Capture Team knew that creating a personalized experience for thousands of individual attendees would only be feasible by delivering an enterprise-level marketing automation solution that integrated personalized data about attendees from the event into their marketing and sales technology.

THE SOLUTION: Capture Technologies delivered by integrating attendance scans with the marketing automation software, Marketo. The client was now able to send communications to guests during and after the event personalized to their interests and event experiences. Detailed registration, behavioral, and interest data was then fed in real time into Marketo where it was scored and evaluated each night throughout the conference. Hundreds of information fields were integrated into Marketo, including number and type of sessions attended, specific product tracks, demos, hosted guest activities, theater sessions and other moments that were used to personalize communication. The client’s data insights drilled all the way down to identifying which attendees scanned at demo stations to request more information and what information was requested.

THE RESULTS: The client increased conference attendance year-over-year and improved sales follow-up after the event. The client was also able to personalize their largest event at every level and will now be able to personalize all their large-scale events going forward. Attendance for the user conference grew 42% from 3,500 in Year 1 to 5,000 attendees in Year 2. By the end of the event, targeted messaging generated 195,000+ impressions and 1,400+ clicks that led visitors to the client’s homepage. After achieving incredible results at the annual user conference, the company was awarded the highest marketing honor by Marketo—the “Revvie” award for the Marketing Team of the Year.