COVID-19 Event Adjustments

Embracing Change

what we’re doing to adapt to the new norms of the event industry.

How we feel When face-to-face meetings return, there will be more pressure than ever to provide an experience worth attending for. The previously undeniable value that business meetings, trade shows, incentive travel, exhibitions, conferences and conventions bring to people, businesses and communities will be questioned for the foreseeable future. These aren’t reasons to retreat, they’re just the realities we will face. Good news: We’re in this together! The event industry has always been a strong, resilient, and reliable source of revenue and relationships. We will learn from this epidemic we’re facing and become a smarter society because of it. If there is one quality event professionals possess that separate us from other sectors, it’s the ability to adapt! Capture is here to help. Whether it’s a professional consultation for improving your event or a personal reminder that things will get better, we’re eager to provide either one.

What we’re doing we are working as hard as ever in order to innovate the industry’s ability to succeed in such a time of uncertainty. We have prioritized our focus in three areas based on the varying needs of our clients; which you can find below.

Enhance Existing Products
event data reporting

Event Data Dashboards In the past, our dashboards were created by request. Our clients can now expect an easy-to-understand, interactive and real-time dashboard for all of their events supported by Capture.

Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval App We’ve completely rewritten our lead retrieval app, Capture Leads, with new features, enhanced UI’s, and cross-compatibility between iPhone and Android. Exhibitors will now have access to the most efficient lead management application available.

Improved Internal Process One of the ‘negatives’ of our typically busy schedule is the inability to innovate our own internal workflow to improve the pre-show process. During the COVID-19 absence of travel and events, our Project Management team has committed all of their time toward improving their process and documentation.

Enable a Safe Return to Onsite
Event Check In

No-Contact Check-In Offer a ‘hands-off’, yet secure process for your attendees to check-in without physically interacting with the staff or station. Attendees can utilize CaptureID Facial Recognition, scan their confirmation barcode, or scan a barcode presented to facilitate their check-in and badge print.

Social Distancing App

Capture Crowd Control Need to track how many people are in a location, store or gathering? Capture Crowd Control is the best solution! With a beautiful interface and free for a single device, it could not be easier. Purchase to have multiple devices update each other in real time.

Crowd Control Website

COVID-19 Event Safety

Check-in Control Manage the flow at registration by segmenting check-in into scheduled time slots. Check-In Control allows attendees to select their own check-in times, as well as gives the planner the ability to set capacities on the time slots.

Explore Virtual Event Technology
Event Technologist

Event Technologist What we’ve always referred to as an ‘IS’ or Implementation Specialist, the event industry’s biggest need in the virtual market is an ‘event technologist’, someone who can define the technical requirements of a virtual event and help guide the client through an effective transition.

Virtual Event Staff

Virtual Event Staff Our team of event technology experts are trained to support virtual video streaming in your existing event environment. We’ll start your session, moderate your meeting, support technical issues, and manage your meeting transitions throughout your event schedule.

Automated Meeting & Webcast Generator Utilize a universal platform your staff and attendees are comfortable with. Whether imported or integrated, our data management system negates the need for multiple meeting registrations. Each Attendee has access to a mobile and web-friendly, personalized calendar that provides meeting details and secure links for easy access.