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Inspire Confidence For Your Investors

Investor Conferences have maintained the same goals and priorities for many years; providing participating companies the platform to gain interest from investors. Competing the rapidly-growing accessibility of digital media and information available to Companies and Investors, these conferences have had to adopt major innovations in technology to provide the exclusive experience that warrants the participation of presenting companies and investors. Capture’s Investor Conference capabilities provides a platform to enable this experience, while limiting the amount of work the event organizers, or Investment Banks, have to put into the technical administration of each event. Whether Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid, Capture helps Investment Conferences provide an experience worth investing in.

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If want more information on Investor Conferences, click the link to learn more.

Registration Site

Capture provides an Invite and Registration capability with full administration priveleges, allowing Investment Banks to control who has access to their event.

1x1 Meetings

Investors can schedule their own 1×1 meetings or the event organizers can control these bookings with a Meeting Request capability. Meetings can be conducted virtually, hybrid, or in-person.

Company Presentations

Investors can access live and on-demand company presentations with the ability to submit questions directly to the speakers.

Hybrid & Virtual Environment

Simple, Convenient, Engaging. Whether your event is virtual, onsite, or hybrid, expect a seamless experience

Why choose Capture?

We highly recommend Capture Technologies for your event. We have worked with Capture Technologies for several years now, and they do an absolutely phenomenal job. From the planning stages to execution, Capture Technologies has been wonderful. They are extremely professional and always ready to ‘jump in’ at a moment’s notice to ensure the event runs smoothly and professionally.

Rhonda | Director of Global Sales

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