Frequently Asked Questions

Onsite Technology FAQs:

What do you need from me?

We want your wish list, worries and pain points. Once we establish your needs, we can align our capabilities to meet them. Our team will work with you on how we can strategically implement our solution. Our aim is to make your event process simpler, let’s work through this together!

I have to stay within budget, what is your pricing structure?

Everything on our proposal is line itemed. No hidden costs here. We take pride in being a competitively priced onsite solution for your event.

What does it take to build a solution for my event?

We advise and help develop solutions for hundreds of events each year, and everyone’s vision is different. In order to build a proper solution, we first want to learn the scope of your event. Once we do our fact-finding and pinpoint what is important to you, we create a SOW and project worksheet. Our team will collaborate with you throughout each phase to ensure a successful solution.

We have multiple events year after year, all around the world! Can you provide the level of service I need?

Yes, we can support your events! All of our capabilities are both scalable and global. We currently support events spanning many years and destinations.

We have an in house registration system, can we use Capture Technologies’ solutions?

Yes! Not only have we integrated with many of the major online registration systems, we have also integrated with numerous in house registration systems. Our software and team are very dynamic to find the best ways to execute your needs.

Do I need technicians onsite to operate the technology?

To ensure a smooth deployment and peace of mind, we provide onsite technicians. This is one less thing you have to worry about when your event starts. We have compiled a robust team of technicians that excel in the skills needed to deploy our capabilities. While our technicians are based around the world and come from all different walks of life, they meet together with one purpose; creating a great event experience.

Can you provide custom branded badges or do I have to preprint?

It’s all about strategy and branding, right? One, we have the capabilities to print any style badge on demand. Two, all of the artwork for the badge is provided by your team. We will walk you through step by step what is needed to make your custom badge come to life. Need tickets, barcodes or RFID tracking? No problem! Oh, and just in case, we have an in-house graphic designer.

What are my hardware and equipment options?

We have a fleet of devices available to rent. If you run multiple events a year, we can advise you on strategic purchases to save you money in the long run.

Is there a Deadline for making a request for service?

For quality control, personnel and equipment allocation we request at least a 3-month window for implementation. We have executed successful deployments it in far less time, but hey, no one likes to be the last one to the party!

Why should I choose Capture Technologies?

Capture Technologies has been supporting events around the world for over 20 years. Our talented team has countless years of experience in the industry. We are easy to work with and we are constantly innovating to meet your needs for future events. Give us a call we would love to chat with you and your team.