Investor Conference Series – 3 Reasons Hybrid Meeting Tables should be used at every “In-Person” conference

1. Opportunity Multiplier

When you host an in-person conference, a large portion of your invited investors may not attend due to scheduling conflicts, travel constraints, etc. Implementing Hybrid Meeting Tables not only allows virtual-only investors to meet in-person attendees, but it allows in-person attendees the flexibility to meet in-person or remote depending on their preference. With this enhanced environment, your conference will host more 1×1 meetings than your previous in-person events, creating an elevated amount of opportunities.

2. Efficiency Enhancement

While in-person meetings are still a staple of investor conferences, the upgrade to Hybrid Meeting Tables can still benefit a completely in-person meeting with technical capabilities like screen-sharing. Instead of bringing print outs to every meeting, participants can easily cast content onto the Hybrid Meeting Table Monitor to share with the rest of the meeting participants.

3. Experience Motivator

It’s no secret that the event industry, as a whole, has had a challenge with implementing solutions capable of adapting to the recent surge in technology advancements over the past couple years; creating a lack of motivation to innovate beyond the accepted norms. Using Capture’s Hybrid Meeting Tables, a proven capability that thrives in the Investor Conference sector, your participants will be pleasantly surprised by the convenience of this technology, putting them in a positive mental space as they initiate their meeting.