Virtual Event Platform – Hybrid Event Solution

Capture Keystone - Hybrid Event Solution
Capture Keystone, a virtual event solution made to drive hybrid event experience.

COMING SOON – Looking for a strategic virtual event platform that seamlessly integrates with your registration provider and pairs perfectly with the most powerful onsite technology available? Capture Keystone is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-add virtual event platform currently in development; creating a new virtual event experience that is sustainable far beyond the restrictions of COVID-19. Prioritizing event planner insight and attendee experience, Capture Technologies looks to continue it’s history of providing empowering, integrative solutions to the event industry.

How it Works

Capture Technologies is integrated with 30+ Registration Providers. Choose the registration service that satisfies your needs. Capture has always opposed the trend of ‘all-in-one’ products. Partners are powerful; allowing us to maintain a laser-focus on what we do best while they do the same. Our agnostic approach to registration services allows you to assemble your ‘all-star team’ of providers with an integrated experience. Our integration capabilities will go as deep as the API allows.
Streaming Services
All of your sessions, 1:1’s, and keynotes can be virtually accessible at the click of a button utilizing streaming services your staff and attendees are familiar with. Whether imported or integrated, our data management system negates the need for multiple meeting registrations with our built-in session management platform featuring embedded video players.
Onsite Solutions
Not only has Capture been specializing in onsite event solutions since the turn of the century, we’ve invested a massive amount of time and resources strategizing and developing health & safety provisions that will help enable the return to onsite. Check out our No-Contact Check-in, Long-range attendance tracking, and more!

What it Does

Virtual Event Site

An efficient user-experience drives attendee participation and virtual event performance; providing speakers and sponsors more opportunities to influence customers and drive sales than ever before.

1×1 MeetingsModerator/Tech Support
Personalized CalendarSpeaker-Ready Support
Embedded VideoSession Access Control
Real-time DataAttendance Reporting
Session Playback2-Step Authentication
Certificates & CE’sInteractive Sessions