Virtual Event Platform – Hybrid Event Solution

Same agnostic approach, New virtual environment

Where we're at

Meeting Integration
Zoom, GoTo Meetings, Vimeo, & more! 100%
Registration Integration
eventcore, cvent, Aventri, Maritz Global Events, & ~29 more! 100%
Security Protocols
AES 256 GCM Encryption, Meeting Access Control, GDPR 100%
Trained Support
In-room Monitors, Moderators, Support Staff, Reporting Specialists, Production Managers 100%
1x1 Meeting Management
Automated & Moderated Meeting Request Controls, B2C Meeting Automation, Availability Controls 100%
Meeting Dashboard
Personalized Dashboard featuring upcoming event activities & information 100%
Event & Meeting Surveys
Dynamic and custom surveys based on session attendance or event participation. 100%
In-Meeting Interactions
Live Polls, Chat, Q&A 100%
Mobile Friendly
Virtual site is mobile responsive and meeting features are all compatible with mobile. 100%
CE & Certificate Management
In the final steps of transferring our powerful certificate management system into the virtual meeting hub. 90%
Virtual Exhibit Hall
Exhibitor listing is already available as we work on the final steps of content upload, lead sharing, and company reps. 75%
Sponsorship Lounge
Similar to the Exhibit Hall, Sponsors will be featured throughout the event site and incorporated in the 1x1 meeting tool. 75%
Gamification/Activity Leaderboard
Translating our admin-side activity reporting to a motivating leaderboard users can access. 75%

Where we're headed

Increase your social engagement with an active news feed available on the event dashboard.

Attendee matchmaking and peer-to-peer networking center.

We will be using our 20 years of Lead Retrieval expertise to create an environment and platform exhibitors will love.

Custom pages clients can define based on needs and requirements.