Accreditation is riddled with complexity. What could require multiple weeks of manual work is automated through our Certificate Management system. With this capability, event attendees can monitor their credits earned in real-time and receive their certificate immediately after their event.

RFID is the most cost-effective way to gather reliable attendance data from a long-range (up to 20 feet), allowing planners to gather meaningful event data without disrupting the journey of each attendee. While RFID was not made for the event industry, we have spent over 10 years optimizing the software, hardware, and badges necessary to succeed in an event environment.

In addition to being the most secure check-in and session scanning technology event providers can deploy at their events, event facial recognition software helps deliver a ‘wow’ factor that makes your event memorable.

As surveys bring event organizers extremely valuable information, it’s important to make the feedback process as convenient as possible for attendees. Overwhelming them with global surveys and unpersonalized questions will lead to fewer responses.  Our personalized, real-time survey capability only requests feedback on the sessions or activities the attendee participated in, leading to a much higher feedback rate.

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