1X1 Meeting Management

Capture Meetings is a full-service 1×1 Meeting Management tool that is the primary component of a suite of technologies for any event, particularly investor conferences. While the management of thousands of meetings happening simultaneously over the course of a few days is a major task regardless of the technology you use, our proprietary tool is specifically made to automate the majority of the process in a repeatable, simple platform.
1x1 Main


Any combination of virtual and in-person Investors and Presenting Companies can meet during the conference using our Hybrid Table Technology, a hardware and software package optimized for the audio and video requirements of a crowded meeting room.

1x1 Meeting in person


In-person meeting attendees can scan their badge at a Capture Meetings station and access their meeting schedule in real-time, with the location of their assigned table.

1x1 Virtual


Virtual meeting participants can access their meeting in two clicks; one to access the virtual platform showcasing their agenda, the second to bring them directly into the Zoom platform with their registration information securely transferred upon attendance.

Perfect for Investor Conferences

Investor Conferences operate with a very specific set of requirements that ultimately determine the success or failure of their event. The participating companies are looking for an opportunity to amplify their message to investors through company presentations, generating interest in learning more about the investment opportunities. In order for that interest to convert to a conversation or opportunity, the Investment Conference must have a complex, but easy-to-use process for 1×1 Meeting Management.

Main Features

  • Meeting Location Management
  • Company Administration
  • Timeslot Configuration
  • Meeting Request Controls
  • Meeting Statistics
  • Capture Meeting Onsite Software
  • Fully-Integrated Zoom Capabilities
  • Live Meeting Admin Dashboard
  • Public/Private Timeslots
  • Reserved VIP Locations
  • Automated Location Assignment
  • Intelligent Assignment Algorithm
  • Quick Attendee-Adds
  • Private Locations
  • Colleague Auto-Add
  • Admin & User Availability Controls
  • Self Scheduling Capabilities
  • Admin Schedule Controls
  • PDF Schedule Generation
  • Dynamic Schedule Email Generator
  • Schedule Subscription (Email Updates)

Will 1x1 meeting management software work for my event?

While the Investment Banking industry has leveraged the capabilities of 1×1 Meetings for years, this technology has just as much potential on all events and conferences. The Capture Meetings Platform can manage Conference functions such as Meet the Experts, Private Exhibitor Meetings, or any ‘attendee-to-entity’ meeting requirements your event may have. Contact Us today to discover how this capability can transform the way your event attendees meet in-person and virtually.

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