Event Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking and Session Scanning can satisfy simple goals like documenting the number of people who enter a room, to more complex requirements like access control, traffic heatmapping, or live text notifications.

Whether you’re looking to gain attendance metrics to satisfy your marketing department or for certifying your continuing education credits, our event attendance tracking solution has the capabilities to manage any scanning need.

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‘Wave and go’ scanning device that can be located in front of a session room, featuring real-time access control, capacity control, automated session changes, and more.


RFID floor mats or towers that are positioned inside of a doorway to collects scans as attendees walk over them.


Mobile devices that can be equipped with Bluetooth scanners or an RFID dongle to scan attendees with real-time access control, capacity control, automated session changes, and more.


Trussed or mounted panels often located over a large entryway, like an expo-floor entrance, to provide attendance data.


Overhead mounted panels that can be positioned over a theater or open-area in order to collect attendance data of a certain location at your event.

What is the difference between passive vs. active scanning?

Active – Attendee is prompted to scan their badge at a kiosk or with an event staff member managing a handheld device. Active scanning enables access control, capacity control, waitlisting, and other interactive processes often required at session rooms.

Passive – Attendee has their badge scanned without making any effort to do so. This provides an unobtrusive way to collect attendance information.

Case Study

Marketo Integration with Attendance Scanning Helps Optimize Attendee Engagement & Participation

THE SITUATION: A major technology company hosts a large event every year, attracting more than 5,000 attendees to their user conference. As the conference grew,…