Event Check-in and Badge Printing

The check-In desk is the first impression of your event. Our event check-in and badge printing solution creates a seamless start to every event.

Self-Assisted Check-In

Attendee has the option to scan their express confirmation, enter their registered email address, or provide their information to staff member for check-in.

Standard Check-In

Attendee approaches check-in desk and scans their express confirmation or provides their information to staff member for check-in.

Self Check-In

Attendee scans their express confirmation or enters their registered email address on a tablet or monitor.


Attendee completes their registration on a station, prompting a badge to print as soon as their registration is complete and confirmed.

The Check-in desk is the first impression your attendees have when attending your event. While an event badge may sound like a simple item, underestimating the complexities and capabilities required for this process can cause headaches for both event planners and attendees—which can leave your guests with a poor impression before they even access your event.

  • Common Challenges:

  • Did the attendee wait through long lines to watch your staff turn their back to them while shuffling through hundreds or thousands of pre-printed badges?

  • Did the attendee register last minute and get sent over to resolutions because the stations weren't integrated in real-time?

  • Did the internet go out, leaving the attendee waiting in line because the check-in software doesn't have an offline capability?

We’re committed to enabling event planners the ability to provide a great experience for their attendees. Capture has spent a massive amount of time and research toward creating a check-in capability that has the flexibility to thrive in any environment and provide the first impression that makes the attendee feel special. Simply put, our check-in capabilities allow attendees a stress-free introduction to your event without long lines or frustration.

Any badge. Any time. Any place.


Luxurious, Oversized Plastic Badges printed with full-color in less than ten seconds.


Durable, sustainable synthetic stock that can be printed in Inkjet (full-color) or Direct Thermal (Black).


Cost-Effective, Recyclable stock that can be printed in Inkjet (full-color) or Direct Thermal (Black).

Want to see and feel the difference between stocks? Contact us for a free badge sample kit.

Main Features

  • Express Check-In (Emailed Barcode)
  • Search by Multiple Registration Fields
  • Field Updates (ie- “Thomas” to “Tom)
  • Personalized Agendas
  • Dynamic Ticket Printing
  • Perforated Badge Stock Tickets
  • Real-Time Integration
  • Offline Search and Print
  • Business Rules (“If/Then”)
  • Badge Alerts
  • Check-in Text Notifications
  • Badge Stop Prints (Balance Due/Cancelled/etc.)
  • Calculated Fields (“City, State”)
  • Automated RFID Encoding
  • Travel Information
  • Full Registration Details
  • 2-Step Check-in
  • Facial Recognition Check-in
  • Check-in Method Reporting
  • Integrated Check-in Statistics
  • Batch Printing
  • Station Alerts
  • Dynamic Badge Layouts
  • Badge Reprint Disable
  • Custom Self Check-in Graphics
  • Language Transcription
  • Foreign Character Handling
  • Custom Badge Sizes

Looking for a simple registration or invite upload tool?

Capture offers a lightweight registration tool that can be free when bundled with other services.

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