Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval is the most valuable investment you can add to an exhibit booth. A premier location may increase traffic, but a majority of these opportunities do not convert to sales unless you have an effective plan to document your interaction for an efficient follow-up process.

Our lead retrieval technology automates this process, allowing the exhibitor to easily collect the contact information through a simple scan of the attendee’s badge.

Mobile Application

Capture leads on your own smartphone anywhere. Works with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Rented Handheld Device

Rent a device from Capture that can be shared across members of your booth.

Demo Pod

Running demos out of your booth or need a stationary device that customers can scan themselves? The Demo Pod is a docked tablet that has the ability to scan RFID badges with a simple tap.

Enterprise RFID

Looking to measure traffic in your booth? We can implement RFID Floormats or Overhead Panels in order to passively collect this information.

Virtual Exhibit Booth

Is your event utilizing Capture for Virtual or Hybrid Platform Services? Have your Exhibitors listed in the Virtual Exhibit Hall with abilities to Upload Content, Schedule Meetings, and Manage a Live Chat Room and Video Chat Lobby.

Developer’s Kit

Do you have your own solution? Simply integrate with our web services or submit a file of your scanned leads for a data resolve providing full contact information.

Main Features

  • Record Freeform Notes using Talk-to-Text or standard keyboard input.
  • Answer Standard or Custom Qualifiers and Survey Questions.
  • Select Individual Salespeople for Individualized Reporting.
  • Scan Leads without Internet.
  • Download Leads through a secure website.

Are You a Show Organizer?

If you partner with Capture Technologies and set us up to market our Lead Retrieval services directly to your exhibitors on an upcoming show, we provide you with a 50% rebate on all purchases made (up to the full value of your contracted services). We’ve had several event organizers receive services such as Badge Printing, Session Scanning, Onsite Support and Virtual Platforms for no cost because of this program.


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