Event Facial Recognition

In addition to being the most secure check-in and session scanning technology event providers can deploy at their events, event facial recognition software helps deliver a ‘wow’ factor that makes your event memorable.

How does it work?

Pre-Show Process

Photos can be collected during the registration process or by an email sent to collect attendee profile pictures. Once a photo is submitted, it goes through Capture’s validation system to ensure the photo is optimized for facial recognition. Once a photo is approved, a biometric ID is associated with that attendee.

Check-in & Badging

When an attendee approaches the check-in station, the check-in software can be configured to automatically start the check-in process as soon as they recognize the attendee or require them to tap the self check-in screen before scanning them. Once their face is matched with the ID’s in our system, they confirm their information and the badge printing process finishes.

Session Scanning

Attendees can access sessions by walking up to a scanning kiosk or attendance information can be collected through the use of cameras placed in certain locations.

Case Study

Washington DC Financial Event Uses Capture Technology’s Facial Recognition for Security

In 2019, a global congress of financial world leaders used our facial recognition for security purposes at their event in Washington DC. During the event,…

Did you know?

Our facial recognition process gets better as the event goes on. Every time a face is recognized, their biometric ID is uploaded into their gallery of scans and the pictures are discarded for security purposes. By the end of the event, our system can have hundreds of biometric ID’s related to your registration to optimize accuracy as the event goes on.