Event Surveys & Evaluations

As surveys bring event organizers extremely valuable information, it’s important to make the feedback process as convenient as possible for attendees. Overwhelming them with global surveys and unpersonalized questions will lead to fewer responses.  Our personalized, real-time survey capability only requests feedback on the sessions or activities the attendee participated in, leading to a much higher feedback rate.

Real-Time Attendance-Based Surveys

Attendees can provide feedback on the session as soon as they scan-in.

Survey Kiosks

Survey kiosks can be placed outside of session rooms for immediate feedback. The attendee scans their badge and their available surveys pop-up for response.

Mobile App Integration

If your event uses a mobile app, Capture can integrate (if we haven’t, already) with the provider to host the attendee’s survey within the application.

Case Study

Event App Digital Surveys Leads to Increased Feedback

A Financial Holdings Company hosted an annual conference each year with sessions available to allow their Financial Planners to keep up with their accreditations. As…