RFID Event Technology

RFID is the most cost-effective way to gather reliable attendance data from a long-range (up to 20 feet), allowing planners to gather meaningful event data without disrupting the journey of each attendee. While RFID was not made for the event industry, we have spent over 10 years optimizing the software, hardware, and badges necessary to succeed in an event environment.

Check-in & Badging

Capture has a seamless process to write RFID to each badge, not requiring additional steps or ‘association’ protocols to enable each badge for scanning.

Attendance Tracking

There are multiple options of deployment for attendance tracking with an optimized setup for every event scenario.

Lead Retrieval

Capture Leads by tapping a mobile device to the attendee’s badge or passively collect attendance information as soon as an attendee enters your booth.

RFID in Action

When RFID emerged into the event industry around 2010, Capture made the evaluation that the first generation of hardware was not equipped to handle the challenging environmental factors an event can bring. Many event technology providers made a big investment in this technology in order to capitalize on the new industry trend, but the data they were collecting was much less accurate than the >95% read accuracy we expect with today’s technology. Around 2012, RFID suppliers released the second version of their hardware, which is still in rotation today. At that time, we made the commitment to providing this technology to our clients and it continues to be one of the most sough-after services we provide.

Case Study

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