Virtual and Hybrid Event Solutions

When the pandemic hit and virtual events became the industry buzz, Capture Technologies took a back seat in the rush toward providing a virtual platform. During this time, we dedicated all of our resources toward analyzing the first generation of most platforms and ideating the next generation in parallel with the return to onsite. From these observations, we developed Virtual Journey, a virtual platform that has the capabilities to stand alone as a virtual event platform but optimizes all capabilities to deliver a connected, innovative hybrid experience.

Event Dashboard

Modeled as a convenient listing of what’s happening now and next in the attendees unique journey through your event, the Event Dashboard allows access and information on the session happening now as well as their next registered session and meeting scheduled.

Conference Agenda

Schedule and access point of all available sessions for each specific attendee as well as the on-demand listing of previous content.

Exhibitor Listing

Detailed listing of all sponsors and exhibitors with the ability to access content, start a chat, schedule a meeting, or jump into a live video chat with the exhibitor.

Networking Lobbies

Attendee-to-Attendee networking forum that is managed and administrated by show organizers.

Custom Pages

Looking to provide a virtual lobby or embed an external site within the platform? The options are limitless with Capture’s custom page ability.

Solutions for Every Streaming Scenario

While Capture has the ability to manage all aspects of Virtual and Hybrid Streaming, we can also partner with your favorite A/V or Production company for professional effects. When working with these industry colleagues, we provide them with streaming keys that allows them to broadcast their stream directly to our virtual platform in real-time. This flexibility allows event planners the freedom of determining exactly what they want for their digital content.


Capture fully automates the streaming process with the platform and technicians needed to make this happen. Our streaming services, built into the back-end management system, are integrated with an enterprise-level provider that enables advanced features such as dynamic playback, webcasting links, automated translation, closed captioning, immediate on-demand, and more.

Production Capabilities

Capture can work with your existing Production or A/V company and stream direct to our platform using an RFTP link, or we can manage moderate production requirements (layovers/transitions/etc.) using OBS.

Why Choose Capture?

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Since coming out with a virtual capability, we’ve forever envisioned this platform evolving into what it thrives as today; a virtual component to an in-person event. Our pricing reflects this philosophy, making the ability to add virtual capabilities to your in-person event a cost-effective possibility that enables new financial and attendance growth opportunities for your event.

Gregory Dunlap | Director of Operations | Capture Technologies