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Your data-driven partner for delivering a seamless event experience.

Creating innovative hybrid event technology for all your events.

Capture Technologies is an event technology company that provides all the necessary services to create a seamless event experience.

With over 20 years of offering event technology solutions, we understand that not all events are the same. Your event is unique and we are committed to making sure our industry leading event software delivers an impactful experience for everyone involved.

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Capture Technologies - Leading Event Technology Solutions

Check-in & Badge Printing

Integrated hardware, software, and badge stock for any check-in requirements
  • Self and Staffed Check-in Models
  • Multiple Badge Types and Sizes
  • Realtime Integration with Reg System
  • Expedited Check-in with QR codes
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Capture Technologies - Leading Event Technology Solutions

Attendance Tracking

Data collection devices featuring access control, long-range scanning, and more
  • RFID Floormats & Overhead Panels
  • Scanning Kiosks with Custom Branding
  • Handheld Scanning Devices
  • Realtime Access Control
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Capture Technologies - Leading Event Technology Solutions / 1x1 Meetings

1x1 Meeting Management

Full-service platform for managing, scheduling, and facilitating 1x1 meetings
  • Full Service 1x1 Management System
  • Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Solutions
  • Automated Location Assignment
  • Meeting Request Controls
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Capture Technologies - Leading Event Technology Solutions - Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Event Solutions

Streaming, platforms, and Digital Event Environment optimized for Hybrid Events
  • Virtual Platform
  • Onsite & Virtual Support
  • Webcasting
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall
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Trusted by Event Industry Leaders

Why choose Capture Technologies?

We have been using Capture Technologies for over ten years and I have to say that using this company has transformed the way we do business. Capture Technologies possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on tasks with a positive energy and a smile, no matter where we are globally. The team not only offers concerns for quality and attention to detail but offers excellent service as well.

Lydia | Managing Director of Events

Capture is an excellent partner in the planning and execution of our events. We work closely together to find and implement solutions for making our event technology work, to make our customer experience smooth and efficient. Capture gives our team the confidence of knowing that the technology is working so they can focus on customer needs and interaction.

Allison | Senior Events Manager

We could not have pulled our Annual Symposium off without the professional support and knowledge of the Capture Technologies team. They were lock step with us throughout the entire planning process and the switch to virtual and hybrid. Their experience and foresight were critical to our success. It truly was a team effort. I look forward to the continued partnership with Capture Technologies for our future events!

Phillip | Program Manager

Thank you for allowing me to participate in your chapter’s Cyberspace Symposium last week. Not sure what it was like “behind the scenes” but from my view, it was flawless. The virtual platform worked well and was user-friendly. I know these events take a lot of work to host, with many moving parts and many, many hours of planning and execution. Please extend my appreciation to your team. Your efforts reflect well on the Association. Thank you!

Tina | Event Attendee

We highly recommend Capture Technologies for your event. We have worked with them for several years now, and they do an absolutely phenomenal job. They are extremely professional and always ready to ‘jump in’ at a moment’s notice to ensure the event runs smoothly. We appreciate having a dedicated team member from the Capture Technologies team stationed at our Registration desks for troubleshooting any issues that may come up.

Randi | Director of Events